Montessori Philosophy

Aided by world-renowned doctor and educator Maria

Montessori, the Montessori Philosophy naturally blossomed

under her guidance. The Montessori Philosophy is not a

step-by-step, foolproof educational curriculum devised

through vigorous pedagogical training and intellectual

contemplation. Rather, the method evolved naturally and

without intention based on Maria Montessori’s observations

of mixed-age children in an optimal environment, the first

Children’s House.

In this environment, the ideal conditions were created

which helped to bring about the development of the child.

It encouraged the children to be their own creators,

working actively on their environment to create infinite experiences. By observing their experiences, Maria Montessori came to understand the needs (sensitive periods) of each child at their particular stage of development.

Because of her observations, Maria Montessori provided material, which helped to stimulate the children and expand their experiences, thus developing the Montessori method we use today.