Parent Testimonials

"Both our children were extremely lucky to have Edith as their preschool teacher for three years before entering public kindergarten. We are so grateful that their first school experience was with a kind, patient, and meticulous teacher. Edith brings a sense of calm to her teaching which is evident upon entering her classroom. What is truly impressive about her teaching is her ability to tailor instruction to an individual's needs in a room full of mixed ages and learning levels. Edith wholeheartedly values the learning process and the effort each child makes in the classroom. Our seven-year old still talks about what Edith taught him in preschool! We couldn't recommend her more!!"

-S. Kassamali

"Our son was a student of Edith's for 3 years. He attended from age 2 to age 4. He was a native English speaker when he began with Edith, but when he went to Kindergarten, he was accepted as a native Spanish speaker into a dual language Spanish program in a public school due to the Spanish he had learned with Edith.


He was incredibly well prepared for kindergarten, socially and academically. He had learned respect for others and for himself. He was self motivated and engaged in learning. He continues to thrive in the public school environment, and much of his success, we believe, is due to the strong academic and social start he got with Edith."
-Jen and Albert

"Edith is a warm and conscientious teacher who has created a space where my children are excited and proud of what they accomplish. She has instilled a love of learning and both of my children always look forward to school. We will miss her and her classroom tremendously next year!"